18 Feb 2018 -  Recap of the NorCal Feb ‘18 event (by SW RD, Lynn Dragoman and Facilitator); recap of the SoCal Feb ’18 event (by Lisa Chan, SoCal Scribe, and Facilitator)

NorCal – no match, “snowed out.” No rain for three weeks but plenty of snow today. I got to fire 3 shots at 2054 yards and got one hit. Our newest shooter, Gavin, tried out my Billy Goat Machine .338 Lapua Ackley Improved and got a hit with his first ever try at 2054 yards. Congrats Gavin!!! We tried getting a hit for new shooter Sean but the scope was either wet or you couldn't see the target due to the snow.

We stayed about 4.5 hours hoping to get in at least one match but with the cold weather and the snow it just couldn't get done. Josh was on his smart phone and predicted snow at 10:00 AM and it started snowing exactly at 10:00 AM, so Josh is now our official weather predictor.


SoCal – no match. It wasn't the greatest day for shooting in the desert but a fun time was still had by all.  There were 10 shooters and, in all, 19 hits for the day. The wind was nonexistent to start and increased rapidly to 17 mph when we ended the day. We had two new shooters this month. One had several shots within a few inches of the target while shimming his scope with a penny and lobbing the bullet to make up for the additional 50 MOA that was needed! Scott was the only one to qualify for the record round with 3 hits, so, with no competition, the “event” ended.

From Facilitator - as a note of (false) hope for folks that were wondering what is possible, Lisa brought out her Savage Model 12 in....223 Remington...and, on her 23rd (twenty-third) shot, got a hit (this was after the “event”, all of her practice and qualification-attempt shots, plus 3 after the event ended, were taken with the .223).  NO, that is NOT a recommendation/suggestion to start a “pee-wee-caliber conspiracy” as the chances of succeeding in competition with such cartridges is VERY low.  And, in any case, the purpose of URSA is to repeatedly connect at further and further distances, not lob rounds and be amused.  Hard nose, out.

21 Jan 2018 - Recap of the SoCal Jan ‘18 event (by Lisa Chan, SoCal Scribe, and Facilitator)

We had our January shoot outside of Barstow in cold conditions with winds ranging from 4-8 mph throughout the day. TJ, Tu, Scott, Lisa, and Fred were in attendance along with a few curious spectators. It was a fantastic day for shooting as every shooter hit the target at 2,080 yards. There were 26 hits on the target at the end of the day between the 5 shooters!  Tu, shooting prone, was the winner of the match shooting a Desert Tech HTI in .416 Barrett with NF ATACR scope, Ivey adjustable mount, and CEB 446 gr MTACs. Lisa, shooting from a bench, was the runner-up shooting a Savage model 12 LRP in 6.5 Creedmoor with NF Competition 15-55x52 scope, a 300 MOA Cold Shot adjaustable base, and 147 gr Hornady ELD-Ms. [A couple of pics in the Gallery. Sorry, Scott, no 3rd place. The Vegas crew missed the fun, they were at the ELRC World Record shoot.]

17 Dec 2017 -  Recap of the NorCal Dec ‘17 event (by SW RD, Lynn Dragoman  and Facilitator) - corrections made on 27 Dec 2017 (by Facilitator - comm errors)

The new online forms worked much better as you can actually read them.

707FreedomFan showed up nice and early, qualified, shot an achievement target, and got two hits at 2586 yards with a rifle so new it still had the tag on the trigger guard. He did this using factory 375 Cheytac ammo with 50fps+ of extreme spread. Nicely done!!!

It started out windy and switchy and nobody got enough hits on the record target to move back from the 2054 yard line. [This match will be carried over to the next event – should have been decided with a Sudden Death shoot off (between Jason and Hoffer).]

As the day progressed the winds dropped down to a more manageable speed and the hit rates rose quickly so we held 3 matches.

In match 2 we had Focus and WhiteMamba both get enough hits (i.e., 4 in 10 or better) to move back to 2586 yards.

In the 3rd match the wind kept dropping and we had Hoffer, WhiteMamba, and 707FreedomFan all move back to 2586 yards (i.e., each had 4 in 10 or better).

By this time of the day the winds dropped down to almost calm and Focus and Hoffer each took home a win at 2586 yards - Focus won the continuation of Match 2, shooting his 375 CT, and Hoffer won the continuation of Match 3, shooting his .338 Lapua Magnum Ackley Improved.  Focus shot a 5 in 10 for his win - being already an URSA “Novice”, he only needed one more hit at 2586 to score his first Achievement target at “Shooter” level.

Focus won the final match, also at 2586 yards (the carry-over match from the November event), getting 5 hits out of 10 shots. Very nice shooting Focus!!!!!!!!  [Again, here, he only needed one more hit to score an Achievement targets at “Shooter” level.]

Hoffer’s 5 in 10 was his 5th Novice Achievement target, so a green shirt will be headed his way shortly. 707FreedomFan’s 5 in 10 qualified him for the 2018 3K Challenge (Hoffer qualified in November).

Ken Eng was shooting his .50 DTC and the photo (on CalGuns) shows one of his hits at 2054 yards. Definitely not what you want to see when shooting unlimited range (hit dead sideways).   

17 Dec 2017 -  Recap of the SoCal Dec ‘17 event (by Fred/MD and Facilitator)

Terrible, terrible, terrible conditions (winds starting at 22 mph and ending at about 30; with wind chill, well below freezing)!!!  [If my memory isn’t failing me, the worst weather we have ever had in the last 2.5 years.]  After losing two shooters at the last minute (extractor failure and no time to reload for the back-up rifle – for the commute driver, of course), and thus being down to the minimum for an event (5), the weather just had to slam those hearty souls that came to compete (Bill, Fred, Kurt, Lisa, and Robert). On the up side, everyone got hits, including Lisa shooting her 6.5 Creedmoor (2 hits).

As in November, the Vegas crew took the event, shooting extremely well in these conditions – Bill the winner and Robert the Runner-Up.  Bill also scored another Achievement target (surprisingly only his second), in the process qualifying for the “2018 URSA 3000 Yard Challenge”. Bill was shooting his .375 CT Desert Tech HTI with factory  barrel, Nightforce optics, MOAB 150 MOA “adapter”, AB on Kestrel, and Warner bullets. Robert was also shooting a .375 CT, this one smithed by Vestal’s Gunsmithing & Custom Rifles in Virginia with Stiller TAC 408 action, Rock Creek barrel, Mirage ULR chassis, Schmidt & Bender optics in Ivey 0-175 MOA base/rings on a 45 MOA rail, AB on Kestrel, and Cutting Edge MTAC bullets.  Bill and Robert will be shooting the ELRC World Record event (in Nevada), which is coincident with the January URSA SoCal event.  Good shooting, guys!  …so non-Vegas shooters will be unopposed for our URSA event.

A huge THANK YOU goes out to Fred, our new Match Director/MD for URSA SoCal!  He really came through under fire – his extra “joy” was that the two shooters that fell out were going to be his “helpers” in hanging the steel.  He managed anyway and still got hits after trailering in all the URSA gear from Paso Robles.  Thanks again, Fred…and Lisa who helped with the paperwork.  The new online forms solved the legibility problem – but not their completeness.  Step by step.  [Pics in the Gallery.]

19 Nov 2017 -  Recap of the NorCal Nov ‘17 shoots (by SW RD, Lynn Dragoman, additions and minor edits by Facilitator)

We held our monthly NorCal URSA (unlimited range shooters association) match today. We had 9 shooters on the line and another 10-15 onlookers watching what we do.

Congratulations go out to CalGuns regular Focus on winning both matches!!!! He also got 8 out of 10 hits at 2054 yards which is the most hits since the inception of the URSA. He actually had 9 hits in a row if you include his last practice shot. Focus with his 8/10 got his final achievement point at 2000 yards plus he qualified for the upcoming (2018) 3K match.

CORRECTION (11/21 by Facilitator): In discussions with Lynn, it appears Focus won the first match at 2586 yards outright. He shot last during that record round and it appears his final shot resulted in the bracket holding the sensor onto the gong failed and chucked the sensor to the ground. The second match will need to be entirely re-shot at 2586.

We also had our first lady shooter on the line today and she got two hits with a 338 Lapua.  I loaned Amy my heavy gun for match#2 and should became the first lady shooter to qualify at one of our matches!!! Congrats Amy!!!

After everyone qualified we had an equipment issue with a light sensor that CalGun regular Hoffer fixed temporarily with some paracord. It lasted until the hits vibrated the welds off the back of the gong.

The weather started out below freezing with very light wind but got better as the day went on. The lack of wind was a real pleasure to shoot in today!!!

WhiteMamba, Hoffer, and myself all got at least 5 hits at 2000+ qualifying us for the 3K as well. Hoffer went 7/7 before the light quit working the first time.

I would like to thank Hoffer, Brett, Ken, WhiteMamba, Focus, Aaron, Amy, and Josh plus Boygaun and all his friends for a very interesting match. I think if we had less trouble today with the light, someone could have run all 10 shots for record. We had 4 shooters get a first round hit after their sight-in period of 3 shots and some very impressive strings.

Special notes go out to Aaron with a 7 (in 10) and to Amy who got several hits while shooting my heavy gun without its front rest. They got hits and qualified while shooting off of a case of silicon caulking material wrapped in a large towel…when I managed to leave the front rest on my porch.  [checklist? - added by Facilitator]

19 Nov 2017 -  Recap of the SoCal Nov ‘17 shoots (by Facilitator)

After three months “down” for lack of shooters, we were overwhelmed this month with 12 shooters (4 new to URSA) and a couple of spectators – largest turnout ever for a SoCal event.  Those sneaky guys from Las Vegas rolled in again and walked away with the vast majority of the glory. [I keep bugging Kurt that every time he shows up with a new guy I get that “ringer” feeling. Three times now to win or runner-up.]  So...Bill won the event (2080 yards) and his LV buddy Robert came in Runner-Up (winning in Sudden Death against Mark). We also had three, totally cold bore, first round hits at 2080 – first time ever as best I recall (for one much less three) – Mark, Robert, and David (in order) and Mark’s was the first shot of the day.  Of the three shooters who qualified for record round, only Bill got 4 hits (during record round), so we did not proceed to 2630 yards (where steel was hung, just waiting to be hit).

Bill was shooting a Desert Tech HTI in 375 CT, 29” Lothar Walther barrel, Nightforce NSX 8-32x56 scope, MOAB 150-MOA rail interface, and Warner 361 gr Flatline bullets. Robert was shooting a Vestal’s Gunsmithing & Custom Rifles’ custom build in 375 CT, Stiller TAC408 action, 32” Rock Creek barrel, Mirage URL chassis, Schmidt & Bender 5-25x56 scope, Ivey adjustable rings/base, and 377 gr Cutting Edge MTAC bullets. Both were shooting on their bellies off bipods, Kurt spotting.

Weather was cold, started with the typical minimal (near zero) wind but built up to a pretty substantial breeze by the time we finished up, mirage was ugly.

[Pics in the Gallery for both events, hopefully more to be added soon.]

24 Sep 2017 - URSA 3000 Yard Challenge (2018) announced – the “URSA 2018 3K”

Date: Sunday, April 15, 2018

Place: URSA SoCal venue (where we normally shoot - Barstow, CA area)

Objective: Provide an opportunity for the shooters who qualify (see below) to competitively engage steel at approximately 3135 yards (and possibly further) and win a small remembrance of the accomplishment.

Qualification: Shooters qualify who, during regular, monthly URSA event qualification or record shooting from October 15, 2017 through April 14, 2018, score five (5) hits or more in 10 consecutive shots at 2000 or more yards. Note that NorCal has scheduled its April monthly shoot for Sunday, April 8 (one week early) and SoCal has scheduled its April monthly shoot for Saturday, April 14 (one day early) – these will be the last two 3K qualification opportunities.

Pre-3K Activities:

We will setup the range on Saturday, April 14th and conduct the regular April URSA SoCal event. The range will then be secured until the 3K the next day.

Activities on Sunday, April 15, 2018:

The URSA 3000 Yard Challenge (2018) – the “URSA 2018 3K”:

The 3K will be shot like other monthly URSA events except that:

(1) there will only be three (3) “practice” shots (actually, 0-3, shooter’s choice), (2) no event-specific qualification round,

(3) the initial record round will be shot at 2630 yards (approx), and

(4) even if a shooter has qualified with more than one rifle, they will only be able to shoot one rifle during the 3K (i.e., they will only have one position in the shooting lineup) – see “Clarification” (below).

As such (normal URSA event scenario), we will only be shooting at 3135 (approx) IF two or more shooters score at least 4 hits in 10 consecutive shots during record round at 2630. Thus no one is guaranteed to shoot for record at 3135.

IF we have two or more shooters who score at least 4 hits in 10 consecutive shots during record round at 3135, we will set a target at approx 3613 yards and shoot that distance – continuing to move out in distance until we fail to have two shooters scoring at least 4 in 10 at each distance. [Each new distance is approximately 500 yards further than the last.]

Final distance “ties” will be settled by way of Sudden Death.

Clarification: While URSA “rules” note that a shooter may shoot more than one rifle during an event (each such use equating to a separate shooter/rifle combo and thus allowing a shooter to have more than one “position” in the shooter lineup), during the 3K only one rifle per shooter will be allowed and the same rifle must be used during the entirety of the event. The intend from the very beginning (of URSA) was to have shooters shoot more than one rifle to demonstrate competence with more than one rifle. It also helps shooters with more than one rifle sort out which is best for each shooting scenario. The 3K is for qualified shooters, not shooter/rifle combos. Please also note that the shooter does not need to shoot with the rifle they qualified with – again, the shooter is qualified, not the shooter/rifle combo.

Remembrance of This Event.

Everyone that qualifies and actually shoots the event will receive an “official” URSA event t-shirt. These t-shirts will include the URSA logo and one of the following “messages”:

“I qualified and shot the URSA 3000 Yard Challenge, April 15, 2018” (black logo and text on white)

“I was Runner-Up at the URSA 3000 Yard Challenge, April 15, 2018” (black logo and text on silver/gray)

“I Won the URSA 3000 Yard Challenge, April 15, 2018” (white text on bright orange – closest available to “gold”)

T-shirt size and “ship to” info will be recorded at the event and the t-shirts shipped accordingly.

There will be no “I was there” or other t-shirts offered.


Qualified shooters will receive a detailed info sheet (details of where we shoot, how to get there, etc) by e-mail on Wednesday, April 11th, PM.

If you've been looking for an incentive to shoot with us, this may be it. Hope you’ll give it a try.

Those unfamiliar with URSA are referred to
www.unlimitedrange.org, in particular, to http://www.unlimitedrange.org/operations.html (FAQ 13, the normal, monthly, course of fire).

16 Jul 2017 - Recap of the SoCal Jul ‘17 shoot (by Facilitator)

Temp was terrible - especially for those that decided to come out the afternoon before - and wind was atypical (significant and almost constant)...but the shooters prevailed with three qualifying at 2080 yards. Nevada shooters were well represented and took the Winner’s slot - Kurt S. shooting his semi-antique Amac, shell-holder-style, .50 cal rifle with 36” Rock barrel and Nighforce optics. He was shooting 750 gr A-Maxs. NorCal also came to visit and Hoffer came in as Runner-Up - in Sudden Death, when Bill W. ran out of ammo.  Hoffer was shooting his little gun (Short Action Custom-built.338 LM Imp with 7-35 ATACR) and 300 Berger hybrids. Hoffer qualified very impressively, hitting 5 in a row to garner his third achievement target. Bill W.(another Nevada import) was also shooting well, garnering his first achievement target. Gallery updated, as well as the Stats page. [Thanks to Bill W. - I copped two of the pics he posted on CalGuns. See http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?p=20378049#post20378049 ]

18 Jun 2017 -  Recap of the NorCal Jun ‘17 shoots (by SW RD, Lynn Dragoman, additions and minor edits by Facilitator)

Father's Day was our last match in NorCal until October when the local deer seasons are over.  We had a decent turnout considering it was 109 degrees in several locations along our route.  Yours truly went 5/10 for both matches giving me a win and a shoot-off at 2586 yards against CalGuns regular WhiteMamba were I got lucky and took the win with 3 in 10. [NOTE: With Lynn’s first (for today) 5 in 10 at 2054 yards he completed his 5th achievement target and became the second official URSA Novice Shooter. Congrats, Lynn!]

Interestingly three of the top 5 shooters are sporting CalGuns regular Skkeeter’s “Billy Goat Machine” barrel jobs. Myself and WhiteMamba are both using 338 Lapua Improves and Ken Eng was running a 510 DTC today.

Conditions were hot and windy for the entire day making it difficult to be consistent. I shot prone today – not because I wanted to but because I forgot my shooting bench at home and by the time I realized what I did it was too late to go home and retrieve it. The terrain is very uneven and my front rest kept moving forward and downhill so I abandoned it in favor of CalGuns regular Hoffer’s cardboard box full of rocks. For my rear rest I used a rolled up jacket rather than my Dierks mechanical rest which made the day even tougher. [See pic in the Gallery.]

A huge Thank You to Billy Goat Machine for building me a rifle that has given me 3 match wins in two months time. The kicker was using virgin Lapua brass not yet fire formed into Ackley Improved brass and I was using WhiteMamba’s load of 92 grains of H1000 powder and CalGuns regular Focus' seating depth of 3.870 inches with the 300 grain Berger OTM bullets. Now that all my brass is fire formed into Ackley Improved, I need to decide on which load is the most accurate – 98 grains of H1000 100 Grains of Retumbo, 105 grains of RE33, 111.5 grains of US869, and 99 Grains of VVN570 have all shot sub-1/2 inch groups out of this barrel.

Oh yeah, prone shooting had me twisted up like a banana on the very uneven surface so I will never forget my shooting bench again.

21 May 2017 -  Recap of the NorCal May ‘17 shoots (by SW RD, Lynn Dragoman, additions and minor edits by Facilitator)

First off the shooters and I thank URSA Facilitator, and fellow shooter, Oscar for the URSA t-shirts that arrived safely.
Pictured (Gallery page) is WhiteMamba wearing his latest in unlimited range fashion on the firing line. Sorry about the poor picture quality.

Next we had our newest shooter and CalGun member SKR show up with his 338 Lapua and proceed to hit the gong. [Next time bring more ammo so you can shoot both matches!!!]  He was never more than 2-3 feet off when he missed so we are in trouble if he brings more ammo to the next match.

In the first match everyone that qualified at 2054 yards also got hits at 2586 yards. Some of these shooters have some $$$ spotting scopes and, coupled with the 90 degree weather, they could read the dust and dial you right into a hit. Yours truly finally found an acorn and won the first match after a sudden death shoot-off with WhiteMamba. [Congrats to Lynn - about time!]  In the second match CalGuns regular Hoffer went to 2586 yards and bested the field for an outright win. Congrats to Hoffer!!!

Next up we had an unfinished match from April when we ran out of time. We finished that match at 2586 yards and CalGuns regular Focus took the sudden death win over WhiteMamba who was in the hunt all day.

A big Thank You goes out to Billy Goat Machine for the 338 Lapua Improved he built for me. I was shooting 300 grain Berger OTM bullets at 3.87 overall length over 92 grains of H1000 in Lapua brass lit off by Fed215M primers. That combo got 5 hits out of 8 shots at 2054 yards while fire forming. I believe WhiteMamba was also fire forming his new Billy Goat Machine 338 Lapua Improved and shooting the same exact load. [Skkeeter, rite down that load.  It's a great fire forming load for your reamer. When everyone has their dies, I suspect more and more hits once everyone has final load work ups.]

A special note for Diver (who has yet to show his face in either NorCal or SoCal), we had several shooters using various apps get first round hits at 2054 yards. None were cold bore shots but enough time had passed that no heat was left in the barrel from previous shots. This was something new for us and I like to keep this as honest as possible.

An update on the equipment/setup side. [I forgot to get permission from the shooter to post pictures but] one of our prone shooters added some new gear to his bipod and that gun was working very well. If I go prone it's a given I would mimic his idea.

Lynn and Hoffer both shot achievement targets.  Will be interesting to see whether Lynn or Anono01 will be the second shooter to get the lime green look - or possibly a third shooter will beat them both.

Check out Lynn’s blue-gun setup and the target pics in the Gallery. Great shooting, guys!

25 Apr 2017 -  Recap of the SoCal April ‘17 shoot and 2017 “URSA 3000 Yard Challenge” (by Facilitator)

The important stuff first - (1), the event t-shirts are on order, “should” be shipping to shooters within the next two weeks; (2), URSA has now completed two full years of official “shoots” - 31 event dates (with several dual-matches in NorCal plus the 3K in SoCal); and (3), how does that Kurt Stone guy pick his shooting buddies? He came just twice, first time with Roger, who won that shoot, and this time with the shooter who won the 3K. Those Nevada shooters are a tough bunch!

We had 10 shooters this month, 7 of whom were pre-qualified for the 3K. The weather was a bit chilly overnight (most of the shooters camped out) but by the time we were done it was in the low 90s. Very little wind early on but it came in and out during the events. Mirage was significant!  We had 3 targets set - 2080, 2630, and 3135 yards - all distances confirmed with multiple sightings with a Vectronix (now Safran Optics 1) “Vector IV” BLRF.

There were 4 shooters that qualified for the regular monthly shoot at 2080 (Kurt, Bill, Annono01, and Hoffer). 3 of them shot well enough to move to 2630 (all but Kurt). [In the process Bill qualified for the 3K - Annon01 and Hoffer were already qualified.] “Whatevers” and “whichevers” ruled at 2630, where Annono01 won with a 1 in 10. Because of timing constraints with the 3K, we did not do a Sudden Death for runner-up. Annono01 was shooting his self-smithed, 338 SnipeTac with Stiller TAC408 action, Krieger 32” barrel, Nightforce Beast optics, and 256 gr Warner Tool solids. No pic for the Gallery - pic-shy winner.

Proceeding immediately to the 3K, we now had 8 shooters do their best to get on distance with up to 3 shots each. Bill then won the event outright with a 2 in 10 at 2630. Tu and Hoffer ran through 17 “rounds” of Sudden Death before Hoffer got a hit and 3K Runner-Up.  Bill was shooting a Dave Miller Rifles/DMR-smithed rifle in 375 CT with Stiller TAC408 action, Bartlein 30” barrel, McRee Precision folder chassis, Nightforce 8-32x56 scope (60 MOA in the rail and rings), and Warner Tool 361 gr solids.

Lynn announced plans to have a similar event in the Fall in NorCal, exact timing dependant on weather and finding a 3000 yard position for the third target.

Finally, like the first Ko2M, we did not finish up at the “event-name” distance. Given the “whatevers” and “whichevers”, especially mirage, we probably should have only held the one event, i.e., not combine it with our regular monthly shoot (then we would have started the 3K at sunrise). However, had we done that way this year - with only pre-quals shooting - this year’s winner would not have won. Six of one, half dozen of the other. In any case, thanks be to the Good Lord for a safe event.

9 Apr 2017 -  Recap of the NorCal April ‘17 shoots (by SW RD, Lynn Dragoman, additions and minor edits by Facilitator)

We had two matches today. 7 shooters qualified for both matches at 2054 yards but only 2 in each match moved on to 2586 yards.

In the first match CalGuns-regular White Mamba took the win from CalGuns-regular Hoffer when Hooffer ran out of ammo at 2586 yards. White Mamba was shooting his Billy-Goat-Machine-built 338 LM with Surgeon action, KMW Sentinel stock, and Schmidt & Bender optics. Most notably, White Mamba scored a 7 in 10 to bring his achievement target total to 5 and become the first, official, “URSA Novice Shooter”. Congratulations White Mamba, you’ve got a nice Novice Lime t-shirt in work!

In the second match, CalGuns-regular Focus and White Mamba got into a sudden death match at 2586 yards and we ran out of time. So that match will be concluded at our next regular match.

We also had two new shooters using a 416 Barrett, both got multiple hits at 2054 yards. Arro7n bested his buddy Josh and that 416 was shooting very well at its first match ever. Congrats to both of them!!!!!  Hoffer got to our location Saturday only to find it cold and snowing. He spent the night even though it was around 20 degrees. CalGuns-regular Apollo and yours truly only managed 2 hits each on our record targets but with the upcoming 3K match in SoCal two weeks away we are both stepping it up a notch. I hope the picture shows up well as it was a very cool match. [Two picas are in the Gallery. The top pic is the one Lynn provided, taken looking in a different direction than they shoot.]  

19 Mar 2017 -  Recap of the NorCal March ‘17 shoots (by SW RD, Lynn Dragoman, additions and minor edits by Facilitator)

Calgun member Focus swept both matches today at 2054 and 2586 yards shooting his self-smithed 338 SnipeTac, with Stiller action, Krieger 32” barrel, XLR Evolution chassis, NF Beast scope/40 MOA base, and pushing Warner Tools .894 G1 BC, 256 gr, Flatline bullets at around 3425 fps. We had 5 shooters qualify for both of the record rounds at 2054 yards with first time shooter and Calgun member Hoffer getting 7 out of 10 hits. We had 4 shooters advance to 2586 yards after the first match and only two advance in the second match. Weather was good but we did get sprinkled on twice for about 5 minutes sending everyone under Calgun member WhiteMambas canopy. I had Calgun member Apollo's gear with me but his motorcycle died at the halfway point so he missed both matches. Everyone shooting today got multiple hits and the lights were flashing pretty steadily until the move back to 2586 yards. Overall I would say a good time was had by all except Apollo but his gear seemed happy. [Three shooters qualified for the URSA 3000 Yard Challenge next month (Hoffer, Jason, and Lynn - we now have 9 qualified) and four shooters scored achievement targets (same three plus Focus).We’re getting very close to having our first “Novice”-designated shooter.]

19 Mar 2017 -  Recap of the SoCal March ‘17 shoot (by Facilitator)

Good news and bad news. Good news - the weather was excellent with no or virtually no wind (but it got real warm, real fast); we had three new shooters; and one of our new shooters, “Big Mark” Burgess, qualified for the URSA 3000 Yard Challenge on his final qualifying shot (4-in-10 at 2080 yards, stock Savage 110 FCP HS Precision, .338 LM). Bad news - Big Mark was the only shooter to qualify for the record round...so no match.  Only pics added to the Gallery were of our attempted destruction of the cross pipe holding the 115# gong - four direct hits, three of those close to the center (crosswise), and that puppy would not fail. Actually, seems to have “spun” in the end pieces. Caption...”Proof positive we won our (de)merit badge” or “Takes a liken and keeps on ticken.”

19 Feb 2017 -  Recap of the SoCal February ‘17 shoot (by Facilitator)

First the bad news – weather again was the winner in NorCal, almost a full week of rain and terrible conditions yielded no shoot.  Our last NorCal shoot was last July – thanks to deer season and rain.

The good news – no problems for the SoCal shoot, though weather forecasts for the transit between NorCal and our SoCal venue scared off two potential travelers/shooters.  We started out expecting eight shooters and turned up with three.  Two “shooters” turned out to be spectators – communications problem - and helpers with the steel. [Thank you much!]. And one of our new regulars, Sasha, had an equipment failure at 10 PM on Saturday – but he still came out to lend a hand – much appreciated!  Oh…so what happened?

Shooting at 2080 yards, a first-time URSA shooter, Darrel, traveled over from Phoenix (5 hour drive) to show us how its done – qualified, won the event, qualified for the inaugural URSA 3000 Yard Challenge, and. in the process. shot an achievement target, in this case, 6 hits in 10 consecutive shots.  But…he was the second shooter of the day to qualify for the 3K and shoot an achievement target.  Would you believe, Facilitator?  Tis true!  [All the praise goes to the Good Lord!]  Annon01 traveled for eight hours from NorCal and came in as Runner-Up – he was already qualified for the 3K (last November) and has three achievement target to his credit from NorCal.  Darrell was shooting a Leroy Johnson-built .338 LM, BAT M action, an only-26” Hart barrel, Nightforce ATACR 5-25x56 scope, and Berger 300 gr Hybrid OTMs.

The weather was, as expected, quite chilly.  Not as expected, it was windy from minute one.  Note the one pic from the shoot (posted in the URSA Gallery) – wind flags running horizontal.  No pic of the Runner-Up – pic shy.

Did a lot with a little today. The 3K should be real interesting.

21 Jan 2017 -  Recap of the SoCal January ‘17 shoot (by Facilitator)

It was Tu's Day on Sunday

One of our regulars, Tu, had his day today - qualified, won the event (at 2080 yards), and...qualified for the URSA 3000 Yard Challenge (2017)! We were hoping he would also be the first shooter at the SoCal venue to score a Recognition target (min 5 hits in 10 shots)...close but not enough. Tu was shooting his Desert Tech HTI in 375 CT, running a Nightforce ATACR F1 5-25x56 MOAR, and using Cutting Edge 325 gr Lazers. Our runner-up was Mark, shooting a .300 WinMag. And everyone got hits.

Small\ crew - more than half bailed after signing up - but we managed. Very cold at the start (low 40s) and no wind. Switching wind came up as the event progressed - off the left edge followed by two targets to the right. Hoping for more shooters next month as the clock ticks down on 3K qualification opportunities.

20 Nov 2016 -  Recap of the SoCal November ‘16 shoot (by Facilitator)

NorCal shooter, Anono01, undeterred by the November NorCal event being rained out, just got in his truck to travel for 8 hours to shoot the SoCal event - and win it and qualify for the “The URSA 3000 Yard Challenge (2017).” The runner up was Facilitator. While targets were set up at 2080 and 2640 yards, we shot at 2080 for lack of two or more shooters getting 4 in 10 hits or more hits during record round.

Weather was mostly overcast with multiple very brief sessions of light rain. Temps were chilly to moderate.  The sand coming in was treacherous with one spot where another traveler had used his/her vehicle to dig some deep holes trying to navigate.(deep as in over a foot).  Wind was almost nonexistent for the vast majority of the shooting time.

We had two new shooters out, Fred  and Nick.  Both scored hits. After the shoot Fred demonstrated his back-up rifle, a new ALS 50 DTC - huge muzzle brake and corresponding concussion. Anono01, who does his own gunsmithing, was breaking in the new Bartlein barrel of his new Stiller TAC 408-based, .338 SnipeTac-chambered rifle.  Seemed to sort it out just fine.  Commenting on a CalGuns forum he noted, “Even with the desert DA of 1640; it only needed 14.2 mils above its 100 yard zero.” We were hoping he would be the first to shoot an achievement target at the SoCal venue but that was not in the cards.  Anono01’s downside...the 8 hour drive back to NorCal.

16 Oct 2016 -  Recap of the SoCal October ‘16 shoot (by Facilitator)

We welcomed back Craneman from his shooting hiatus and he responded by not only winning the shoot but also becoming the first shooter to qualify for “The URSA 3000 Yard Challenge (2017).”  TJ was runner-up.

The weather was good, though cold at first and windy at times.  We had a new, regrettably one-time, shooter out, Steven, Tu’s cousin - he’s moving to Houston for domestic reasons. He had 3 hits during practice and qualifications, and a hit at 2640 after the formal shoot had ended.  Steven was shooting Hu’s second Desert Tech, an SRS in .300 Win Mag - shoots arriving at 2080 and beyond point first but almost vertically (based on stand pipe and wind flag pole evidence).

The shoot ended at 2080 yards when Craneman was the only shooter to get 4 or more hits in 10 consecutive shots. Craneman, shooting his AR-30 A1 (338 LM Imp and 300 gr Bergers), had 3 hits in 5 shots during qualification (stopped at 5 to conserve ammo) and then 4 hits in record round.  Note to the competition, he has a .50 DTC (match chamber) Ferret build in work, looking forward to going much further than 2080.  Tu was kind enough to capture several pics on his cell phone, see the Gallery for his and mine (non-cell-phone).

3 Oct 2016 - “The URSA 3000 Yard Challenge (2017)” Announced (by Facilitator)

To move things along at hopefully brisker pace, we will be adding this special event to the 2016-2017 URSA shooting program - The URSA 3000 Yard Challenge (2017).


Date:  April 16, 2017


Place:  URSA SoCal venue (where we normally shoot)


Objective:  Provide an opportunity for the shooters who qualify (see below) to competitively engage steel at approximately 3130 yards...and win a remembrance of this inaugural event (trophy, plaque, garment, etc - TBD, not cash).


Qualification:  Shooters qualify that, during regular URSA event qualification or record shooting from October 16, 2016 (our next shoot date) through April 16, 2017, score four (4) hits or more in 10 consecutive shots at 2000 or more yards.


Activities on Sunday, April 16, 2016:  

The regular SoCal April 2017 shoot, i.e., the normal practice, qualification, and record shooting at 2080 yards and beyond (dependent on how well the shooters do at 2080).

The URSA 3000 Yard Challenge (2017)


NOTE:  The Challenge will be shot like all other URSA shoots except that (1) there will be no practice nor qualification as part of that event, and (2), the initial record round will be shot at 2640 (approx).  As such, we will only be shooting at 3130 (approx) IF two or more shooters score at least 4 hits in 10 consecutive shots during record round at 2640.  Thus no one is guaranteed to shoot for record at 3130.  Also, and as per Operations guidelines, shooters moving between distances (in this case, from 2640 to 3130) will have up to three (3) shots (their call) to get on target before the next round begins.  Finally, IF we have two or more shooters who score at least 4 hits in 10 consecutive shots during record round at 3130, we will reset the target to approx 3600 yards and shoot that distance – continuing to move out in distance until we fail to have two  shooters scoring 4 in 10 at each distance.  Ties at a distance will be settled by way of Sudden Death.


Practice and an Additional Challenge Qualification Opportunity:  We will setup the range by 2 pm on Saturday, April 15, 2017 for anyone wanting to practice and/or qualify early for the regular SoCal April event.  However, practice time priority will be given to previously-Challenge-qualified shooters.  Beyond Challenge qualification opportunities during regular URSA shoots starting this month, shooters not previously qualified for the Challenge by April 14th, may attempt to qualify during qualification for the regular SoCal April event on Saturday, and during qualification and record shooting during the regular SoCal April event on Sunday.  So, come and shoot the regular April SoCal event and have two more opportunities to also shoot the Challenge.  Come out on Saturday afternoon and have a third opportunity.


We may (TBD) have event t-shirts made up, "I qualified for The URSA 3000 Yard Challenge (2017)".  Shooters qualifying prior to April 1, 2017 would be given an opportunity to purchase one each, at the exact cost for URSA to procure, for delivery at the event.


Travel Expense Assistance Opportunity: Those shooting the NorCal March 2017 event will have an opportunity to shoot for $200 (cash) in travel expense assistance. The winner will receive the cash at the end of the Challenge event. Requirement: the shooter that wins the NorCal event must shoot the Challenge or may transfer the "assistance" to another NorCal shooter that is already qualified by the NorCal March shoot and actually shoots the Challenge.


This event is still somewhat is flux as far as nailing down the details but we expect them to basically stay as noted.


If you've been looking for an incentive to shoot with us, this may be it.  Hope you’ll give it a try.

18 Sep 2016 - Recap of the SoCal September ‘16 shoot (by Facilitator)

Excellent weather (basically no wind), small crew, good time, and an amazing pic.

The regulars stood out today as Tu was the winner with 4 in 10 consecutive shots at 2080 yards and his buddy, TJ, who won the April shoot, was runner-up. Tu was shooting 375 gr Cutting Edge Lazers in his Desert Tech HTI chambered in .375 CT.

Interesting stuff - Tu, who in all matches up to now had been shooting out of the back of his SUV, tried shooting off the top of his SUV.  When that didn't cut it, he came down to earth and shot from the ground.  Results - zero hits up high and 7 hits down low (3 for qualification and 4 for record).  Our second-time shooter, Sasha, had a very interesting setup - he had the back of his pick-up looking like a golf putting green with an Astro-turf-like "grass" floor extending from the rear of the cab to roughly 8 inches beyond the end of his tail gate.  Bottom line, it flexed - back to the drawing board.

The amazing pic - a .375 caliber, Cutting Edge Lazer "stuck" in one of the GongShot target brackets (the red corner pieces that tie the pipe sections together).  A direct hit (at approx 1600 ft. lbs. of energy at this distance, per JBM) - which did not take the stand down and did not even go through both sides of the bracket and pipe - see pic (thanks to Tu), in the Gallery. Old Timex ad, "takes a licking and keeps on ticking."

Hopefully we'll have more shooters on October 16th, our next SoCal shoot.

3 Jul 2016 - Recap of the NorCal July ‘16 shoots (by SW RD, Lynn Dragoman, minor edits by Facilitator)

We had 7 shooters today but only 5 competing. In match 1 WhiteMamba got 4/10 and Lynn got 5/7 (then stopped shooting to save his good ammo for 2586 yards).  We held a second match before we moved back and WhiteMamba won that easily with twice as many hits as the next best Shooter.  Congrats to WhiteMamba on your match 2 win!!!!

We then had to pack up our gear and drive up the mountain to finish match 1. WhiteMamba and Lynn each had 3/10 hits at 2586 yards, so we went to sudden death. WhiteMamba got a hit on his 3rd shot giving him the win and the most hits so far at 2586 yards.

Killemall413 and his buddy Steve showed up too late to compete but we had Steve shooting at 2586 yards with BigRed, my 50 BMG heavy gun.

The weather today was 70 degrees at 6:30 AM and 96 when we finished shooting. A block of ice the size of a closed fist would last one pass up and down my barrel before it was completely melted.

Congrats to WhiteMamba on his two wins today making him the King of 2054 yards and King of 2586 yards.

Lights functioned perfectly today for the second straight time so hopefully that issue is now behind us.

I tried getting a short video of the lights flashing with my cell phone but it still isn't working. I tried doing it through my scope as well and no joy either.  [Stills in the Gallery.]

26 Jun 2016 - Recap of the SoCal June ‘16 shoot (by Facilitator)

Warm and sandy (traveling). We had four new shooters and all shooters got hits at 2080 yards. That’s the good news. The bad news is that only one shooter qualified, so there was no match. Similar to last month, four shooters had to drop out at the last minute.

“We” found out a few things this month...

First, late June is the beginning of “hot” season (surprise J).  Weather was quite decent when we started, about 79, but rose to about 92 by the last shot.  The mild winds helped with the heat but not with the “burn” experienced by those that failed to apply sunscreen (multiple folks).  Looking at weather history from 2014 and 2015, it looks like the balance of the Summer should be no worse, so we will proceed with the newly posted schedule.  

Second, since we had none of the folks show up who had expressed  concern about conflicting which-Sunday-of-the-month schedules (in the four consecutive months when we ran on 4th Sunday), we’re back to the 3rd Sunday going forward.

Third, what appears to be semi-solid ground can fool you, big time, even when you’re in a 4WD – happened to me to the tune of a $510 towing bill.  [And , no, AAA does NOT cover “off road recovery” where we shoot – distance from the real highway issue.]  That was on Saturday when I was setting up the targets (in 108-110 degree temps). So, going forward, this scrawny weakling will need the up-front commitment of two healthy individuals (i.e., ones able to handle hanging a couple of 115# gongs) while I manage the pipe structures – on the Saturday afternoon/early evening prior to the SoCal shoots.  No more driving out onto unknown terrain and possibly getting stuck. See pic in the Gallery (“Cautionary note...”).  

Fourth, we need to be stepping out faster going forward – or we will surely all get burnt, quite literally.  May need to halt multiple-rifle shooting until October and its expected cooler weather.

Fifth, and final, “found out”, we started shooting 45 minutes late because (again) the sun was almost directly in the shooter’s eyes.  So...sure hoping the sun is further enough to the side, come next month, so we can start on time. [Question - why not just start later (our target start time was 0530/sunrise this month) and avoid the sun?  Answer – then we’d lose that much (time) when the wind is nil or in low single digits.]

Final notes about the actual shooting.  One of our four new shooters, Damon, the one shooter that qualified, was shooting his “home-built” (as in he’s a hobby machinist/gunsmith) .338 Edge rifle based on a Borden action and Hart barrel – as in all “new” parts to what I think we’ve ever seen in URSA shooting.  Another of the new shooters, Jeff, was shooting his box-stock, Ruger No. 1 rifle in .270 Winchester...and, as noted previously, made a hit at 2080. One happy fellow. It’s great to see folks come out to give it a try – and, hopefully, get interested enough to come out again (and again and...).  You all come on out and give it a try!

19 Jun 2016 - Recap of the NorCal May ‘16 shoots (by SW RD, Lynn Dragoman, minor edits by Facilitator)

We started early today and had 3 spectators show up to watch. In the first match WhiteMamba and myself both got 6 hits on the record target and WhiteMamba won the Shootoff making him the King Of 2054 Yards for our first match of the day. In the second match Mitch ran away from the field with 7 hits out of 10 shots making him The King Of 2054 Yards for match 2 today.

CalGuns poster SKR was our first spectator but he left early. Our second and 3rd spectators are Calguns poster Killemall419 and his friend. When we finished match 2 I had his friend sit down so he could fireform some brass and on his 4th shot ever he had both sets of lights flashing for his first hit at 2054 Yards.  Killemall419 was then convinced to give it a go and also got his first hit at 2054 Yards. We where just about out of ammo so we packed it in and went home.

A big Thank You to URSA Facilitator for lending us a spare IDM unit for our lights. I programmed it for two lights to go off at the same time and it worked flawlessly and was easier to set up.

My fireform load was 110 grains of US869 and I hit 5 straight shots before a miss. Killemall413's buddy was using that same load to get a hit on his 4th shot so no more RE33 for me in the 338 Lapua Improved.

...sorry, no pics...

22 May 2016 - Recap of the NorCal May ‘16 shoots (by SW RD, Lynn Dragoman, minor edits by Facilitator)

We had a smaller than normal turnout as rain was threatening to cancel our match. As it turns out the weather was actually quite nice.

In our first match Calguns poster WhiteMamba got a hit on his first shot of a sudden death shoot-off to beat two other shooters he was tied with.

In our second match, Mitch hit 5 out of 10 shots to easily best the field and take home his fourth win out of our last five matches, plus earn an achievement point.

We were plagued with lighting (IRIS) issues as we didn't receive our upgraded modules in time. I am hopeful we will have them in time for our next match.

At this match we placed the gong on the other side of the road and the new range distance was measured at 2057 yards.

Congratulations to WhiteMamba and Mitch on their wins!!!

22 May 2016 - Recap of the SoCal 5_16 shoot (by Facilitator)

And the winner was...wind and sand.


Three shooters dropped out just before the shoot, we had 10-12 mph winds (gusting to 20+) from the very first shot, and had an endless supply of sand and grit trying to muck up the rifles and optics.  The result was that only one shooter qualified (TJ), so no match.  Had we not mitigated the situation (everyone else moving off the ground to shoot from my shooting bench), we would not have gotten that far along. [My scope failed me – never took a shot.]

Weather, with chill factor, was cold and it turned out that the sun was directly in the shooter’s eyes for the first 30-40 minutes of the shoot – we delayed until the target (at 2080 yards) was again visible.  Bottom line – worst conditions to date.  BTW, this was the first anniversary of URSA shoots in SoCal, our 9th shoot at this venue.

We had one new shooter out to test his shooting skills (Sasha). With a box-stock Savage (model 110 in 338 LM), Bushnell Tactical Elite XRS 4.5-30x50 scope on 50 MOA rail, and factory (Hornady 285 gr ELD) ammo, he was quite consistently right at the edge of the target but failed to connect.  Looking forward to having him out in the future, hopefully with the better consistency of handloads.

I did post one pic in the Gallery.  The three hits were done by the same shooter (Tu) and the same, unique-for-our-group projectiles (Lehigh 330 gr solids – in Tu’s Desert Tech HTI 375 CT), they were NOT done either in a row or even during one practice or qualification round. I’m just calling that pic “interesting happenstance”.

24 Apr 2016 - Recap of the NorCal Apr ‘16 shoots (by SW RD, Lynn Dragoman, minor edits by Facilitator)

We held another 2054 yard match today and Mitch won it for the third time in a row shooting a standard 338 Lapua in cold and windy conditions. Congratulations Mitch!!!  Shaun Brady earned an achievement point today as well.

We had two new shooters today one had to leave early and one stayed until 3:30PM. Robert’s combination didn't have enough elevation so I had him shoot my 338 Snipe-Tac and he got 2 hits on his first three shots at 2054 yards making him our quickest hitting Shooter ever. Way to go Robert. His next shots started out with two more hits so this guy is going to be one to watch at future events. On his first ever record string he came up one hit short of Mitch and he was shooting this gun for the first time.

The day would have gone much quicker but we had light issues that required several trips to the gong. We thought we had it ironed out only to have WhiteMamba shoot a T post into two pieces. Apollo had his radio set up on the T post that didn't get hit but the listening device went down with the gong ripping up the wires and cracking the display.
Despite all the issues it was a great learning day.

Shakey was shooting a 763 grain bullet on top of 248 grains of powder and all that was left of his bullets after hitting the gong was the boat tails.

Some pics in the Gallery.

24 Apr 2016 - Recap of the SoCal 4_16 shoot (by Facilitator)

A small but enthusiastic crew assembled in mild weather and twitchy winds. When the 2080 yard shoot ended TJ was our winner and Tu was runner up.  None shot well enough to move to the next distance.  TJ was shooting a mostly factory-stock AR-30 in .338 LM, with modified Magpul PRS buttstock, NF 8-25x56 ACACR optics, Lapua Lock Base 250 gr projectiles, and Knights Armament’s “BulletFlight”, a low-cost iPhone app. Tu, shooting from inside the back of his SUV, was brazing with his DTA/HTI in .375 CT, the largest caliber shot today. Some pics in the Gallery.

BTW, it was noted that, notwithstanding the forecasted mid-80 weather, it was cold during most of this shoot. Conclusion...will be shooting every month, indefinitely (i.e., no Summer break for “heat”).

1 Apr 2016 - Recap of the NorCal Mar ‘16 shoots (by SW RD, Lynn Dragoman, minor edits by Facilitator)

Well the weather was very good today and we had 3 shooters earn achievement points plus two shooters tied at 6 hits out of 10 shots each. When the dust settled, Mitch won both matches, making him our first double match winner. The second match was a bit tougher with only Mitch getting 3 hits and several shooters getting none as the winds turned switchie.

We had several new shooters today including Boomer135 and Jeff. Jeff shot about 50 practice shots without a hit then went 5 for 10 to stun the crowd!!!  He was shooting his hunting rifle and holding 38 MOA above the target. Jeff, that was some very good shooting. We shot until most shooters ran out of ammo or where tired from all the shooting.

Stats to follow and hopefully some pics.

27-28 Feb 2016 - Recap of the SoCal Feb ‘16 shoot (by Facilitator)

Firsts (for URSA) – first time the winner was decided at 2625 yards (the second shooting distance at the SoCal venue), first shooter to qualify multiple rifles (Lynn Dragoman who qualified his “Big Red” .50 Cal and his quite-newly-assembled, benchrest-style, .338 SnipeTac), and first shooter to get three hits at 2625 yard (out of 9 shots), and those…in a row (JMP, during practice after the shoot had ended – .375 CT, Desert Tech HT1, brand new Bartlein barrel, Hensoldt optics, and 350 gr. CT/Lost River projectiles)!

This was a two day shoot with practice, qualification, and shooting for achievement on Saturday and practice, qualification, and record on Sunday. There was lot of anticipation, waiting to see how well the NorCal crew would shoot (regrettably, only two made the event).

The weather was fine on Saturday (27th) but we had a 5-7 mph wind most if the time, sometimes switchy. Two shooters qualified on Saturday, no achievement targets shot.  We had the opportunity to do a brief comparison of a Magnetospeed (V3) and LabLadar. The LabRadar consistently read 20 fps faster.  We also had a chance to see how well an inexpensive “telescope” did at spotting at 2080 yards – worked VERY well (large target size, clear, and detailed – much superior IMO to traditional, high end dedicated spotters) - save for the very limited field of view which resulted in being unable to spot and see the IRIS light up at the same time.  [The owner said an eyepiece change would resolve that issue but supposedly doubling the cost.]  It was a Celestron “C5 Spotter” (mfg PN 52291), which I just found at B&H for $510, shipped.

Sunday weather was much better with most of the time with little or no significant wind.  Two additional shooters qualified and Lynn qualified his second rifle – so effectively 5 shooters for record at 2080 yards.  Craneman and Lynn (second rifle, the SnipeTac) both shot 4 in 10, moving the competition to the next distance, 2625 yards.  [We then scurried to relocated the 2080 target, having arrived on Friday 2 hours late (due to horrendous traffic coming out of LA) to allow for setup of the second target.]  Neither shooter scored hits but Lynn ran out of ammo after 6 shots (had tons for Big Red but sparse for the SnipeTac).  So the first shooter to win at 2625 yard was Craneman, shooting his Randall-Rauch(AR15)-smithed .338 LM AI, Armalite AR-30A1, 30” heavy bull Bartelin barrel, SWFA scope, and Warner 255 gr Flatliner projectiles . BTW, he qualified for record with his last shot. [Sweating blood but winning in the end.]  Lynn came in both second and third, having scored better with Big Red during the first record round.  Quite an interesting and reward day. In the end, NorCal showed but failed to overwhelm the SoCal locals.

Some pics in the Gallery.

15 Feb 2016 - Recap of the NorCal Feb ‘16 shoots (by SW RD, Lynn Dragoman, minor edits by Facilitator)

Had two new shooters show up today and each won a 2054 Yard Match. It was the first time for both shooters attending one of our matches.

Bruce won the first match with 4/10 hits making him The King Of 2054 Yards using a 50 BMG and 808 gr bullets. Mitch won the second match with 4/10 hits making him The King Of 2054 Yards using a long-throated 338 Lapua and 300 grain Bergers.

The weather was very windy in the morning and settling down as the day progressed. The gong support got shot down today for the first time but luckily the gong only went 10 feet down the mountain. Game warden stopped by but we couldn't get him to shoot this time.

[There are a couple of pics in the Gallery.]

20 Dec 2015 - Recap of the SoCal Dec ‘15 shoot (by Facilitator)

Great weather, but cold, with no sun in the eyes and no wind.  Had three new shooters out, one who took the “rules” to heart and shot from inside the rear of his SUV.  Calshipbuilder qualified with 4 in 10 at 2086 yards but was the only one who qualified.  So, again, no shoot.  We’ll be at it again on January 17th.  Happiest of holidays to all our shooters and those would-be shooters who have yet to take the plunge.

22 Nov 2015 - Recap of the NorCal Nov ‘15 shoot (by SW RD, Lynn Dragoman, minor edits by Facilitator)

Well the .30 caliber conspiracy ruled the roost today at 2054 yards.  Shaun Brady bested yours truly in the first match and Dan “Applied Ballistics” Bertochini bested Billy “The Kidd” Souza and Ken Eng in the second match. Conditions were very good but the hit counts were not as good as usual with Dan Bertochini being the only shooter with 5 hits on his record target.

We had a full dozen shooters and lots of bystanders as well.  I had only heard from two shooters prior to today's event but when I arrived on the shooting line both sides of the road were full of vehicles.

Congratulations to Shaun Brady and Dan Bertochini on your .30 caliber conspiracy wins today.

16 Nov 2015 - Revised the “Liability Release, Build Sheet, & Results” (form)

Revised the “Liability Release, Build Sheet, & Results” (form) to Rev A - adds “Also, I have read the "rules" on the URSA Operations page and agree to abide by them.”

15 Nov 2015 - Recap of the SoCal Nov ‘15 shoot (by Facilitator)

Great weather, all be it very cold, with no wind.  Had two new shooters out...however, no one qualified, so no shoot. Hoping for better results in December.

1 Nov 2015 - added FAQ 14

FAQ added regarding entering more than one rifle, see the Operations page.

18 Oct 2015 - Recap of the SoCal 4 shoot (by Facilitator)

Great shoot!  Everyone got at least one hit at 2086 yards, conditions were good, and the wind only came up just after the shoot ended.  Temp was very comfortable with cloud cover for most of the shoot and sunrise was no issue whatsoever (at least no complaints about sun in the eyes). All shooters shot prone off bipods.

Three shooter qualified for the record round, Calshipbuilder, JMP, and Roger (who came in from Vegas with Kurt).  When the dust cleared, including 6 rounds of Sudden Death, Roger was declared the winner, Calshipbuilder 2nd, and JMP 3rd.  Roger was shooting a Defensive Edge-built rifle in .338 Edge, Rem 700 action, 30" Hart barrel, McMillan A4 stock, and US Optics scope. He was shooting 300 gr SMKs. There were insufficient hits at 2086 to move on to the 2632 yard target.

Of note, Calshipbuilder had four hits in a row both during practice and qualification ("Carlsbad"-built rifle in .300 Norma Magnum, 24" Krieger barrel, Weatherby Mark V action, McMillan A5 stock, NF optics, and 215 gr Berger hybrids). Also, JMP was the first shooter (since day one of URSA shoots in SoCal) to score a hit on the 2632 yard target (DesertTech HTI in .416 Barrett, Lothar Walther barrel, Hensoldt scope, and 450 gr Rocky Mountain projectile).  JMP's shot was made after the conclusion of the formal shoot.

18 Oct 2015 - Recap of the NorCal 5 & 6 shoots (by SW RD, Lynn Dragoman, minor edits by Facilitator)

We had 9 shooters today and 3 observers show up.

Apollo hit the 2054 yard gong with a short-barreled semi-auto in 308 Winchester!!!

In the first match of the day, Ken Eng won with 5 hits and he only had 9 rounds of ammo, so he got no practice and he still beat yours truly for the win. Ken built his own rail and was aiming well below the gong as it had too much slope for 2054 yards. Despite everything Ken Eng shooting his 510 DTC EDM is our King of 2054 Yards.

We started shooting at 7:30 AM and stopped around 2:30 PM. With that much time to shoot the competitors wanted to hold a second match. We lined everyone up, and when the lights quit flashing, first time Shooter Kamishi Kan, shooting a SkunkWorks 338 Lapua, took home the win with 4 hits making him The King of 2054 Yards for our second match.

We had Shakey, Ken, Mike, Bob, and Skkeeter all shooting 50 caliber rifles today and the gong had plenty of hits on it.  [See Gallery.]

19 Jul 2015 - Recap of the SoCal 3 shoot (by Facilitator)

On the positive side, everyone got at least one hit at 2086 yards and Caveman had an opportunity to stretch out his new AR-30A1 (.338 LM), including two hits in a row during early practice (his 4th and 5th shots).  On the other side, lots of shots down range during qualifying rounds but few hits and no one qualified.  So there was no “match”.  Afterwards JMP did a good job of scaring the target at 2630 yards but no hits.

20 Jun 2015 - Recap of the NorCal 3 & 4 shoots (by SW RD, Lynn Dragoman)

We started out at 2054 yards shooting a Billy Goat Machine 7 SAUM, a BGM 7 WSM, a Borden 300 WSM, several 338 Lapuas, and a 375 CheyTac at $10 per round.  We got a 45 minute earlier start and had one new Covert Operator on the line. All shooters hit the gong!!!!!

On day one Skeeter and myself went in early only to blow out a tire on Skeeter's rig. We made repairs set up the gear and headed to our shooting location. Skeeter started out with a 7 SAUM but not seeing splashes we switched over to my 300 WSM which took 25 rounds to finally spot a splash and then get a hit. Skeeter broke out his 338 Lapua and with a known dope he was quickly setting the light array off.

Saturday morning after the paperwork was done and the canopies were up we put Stomper, a first time Shooter, with us on the line with his HTI 375 CheyTac. He was getting splashes but quickly changed out to his BGM build in 7 SAUM. He took 3-4 shots got his dopes and rang the gong 4 straight shots in a row. I now know why they call him Stomper because this young quiet kid literally Stomped us.  I made only one hit, Skeeter made a pair as did WhiteMamba but the Covert Operator named Stomper put the hurt on us all and earned his point and the title King of 2054 Yards at NorCal Match 3.

We held match 4 thinking we would get more shooters on the line but after qualifying we were down to Skeeter, Stomper, WhiteMamba, and myself. The light array got quite a workout on the second match with both WhiteMamba and Stomper (Trevor) getting 50% or more hits. When the dust finally settled WhiteMamba took home the title and won his trophy for the most hits. White Mamba took home the title of King Of 2054 Yards for match 4.

Shaun, Adam, Dan, Tinman, Shannon, Matt, you all missed a great weekend of shooting.  The pictures (see Gallery) show the terrain and a 4 foot rattler we had to deal with to get our gear back off the mountain. Skeeter also got a trophy for the shortest hit of the weekend at less than 1/2 mil. The story telling and sharp wit of these guys keeps one very busy.

A special thanks to Skeeter the head gunsmith at Billy Goat Machine for the help clearing off the mountain. It isn't much fun throwing brush around with a 4 footer lurking around. And a special shot out to Trevor (Stomper) our Covert Operator for being our first Shooter setting off the light array at 2500 yards with a HTI 375 CheyTac and some very pricey ammo.

14 Jun 2015 - Recap of the NorCal 2 shoot (by SW RD, Lynn Dragoman)

We held a match Sunday with a pair of 300 win mags a 338 Lapua and a 300 wsm at 2054 yards.

ALL shooters hit the gong!!!!

The weak link is as always the scope bases not having enough elevation. I was using a 300 wsm and using a BIB 187 gr flatbased bullet and Adam and myself both connected with gong. I ran out of windage so we were forced to aim at a bush about 7 feet to the right of the gong to connect with it.

As some might remember this was a make up match due to truck troubles and the truck trouble solved itself when the connecting rods left the block and oil pan.

I made the match in a U-Haul loaded down with gear. I forgot all about needing 4 wheel drive until I got to the road were the gongs get hung. If you never got to shovel rock for 4.5 hours in 85 degree heat with a blown rotator cuff all I can say is I was madder than the piano player in a marching band. After I shoveled my way in I had to trim brush so it wouldn't scratch the U-Haul which made me madder than a midget with a yo yo. Got to bed at 11:30 Saturday night and up at 5:30 to hang the gong and meet up at the rallying point.

The old bones were sore but the new engine should be here in 3 days. Was it all worth it without a doubt yes! Met some great shooters and had a blast. I can't vouch for everyone but I put 100 rounds downrange and by qualifying time one Shooter only had 10 shots left. I think every Shooter shot at least 75 rounds.

Check out the pictures. [See here.]

And a huge thank you to all the shooters for turning this bad beat weekend into fun.

7 Jun 2015 - Recap of the SoCal 2 shoot (by Facilitator)

Light turn out, no wind (early on), and everyone recorded at least one hit at 2086 yards (CRO's measurement, average of three sightings with his Vectronix Vector IV).

After practicing for about an hour we ran two qualification rounds.  Two shooters qualified, each  with three hits out of 10 shots.  The qualifying shooters then shot one record round during which neither hit the target.  The event then went into Sudden Death (engaging the target one round per shooter, round robin, until one shooter had an unanswered hit). JMP made a hit in the first round, which was unanswered.  JMP came in first and Postal came in second.  Since only two shooters qualified and shot the record round, there was no 3rd place awarded.

Notwithstanding everyone getting at least one hit during qualifications, the biggest surprise (really!) was Postal's brother getting two hits in each of the qualification rounds shooting...a 6mm Creedmoor.  Regrettably we lost our three .50 cal shooters (before the event) due to equipment issues.  Hope to see them at a future event.

The change in setup procedure (setup was done the late afternoon on Saturday) and the corrective action on target visibility and sensor mounting made a big difference. That noted, chit chat and not being ready to shoot as early as possibly, resulted in catching significant wind towards the end of the event.  The second IRIS sensor also failed and so everyone was forced to engage in sequence on one target rather than in the planned parallel fashion.  At the next event we will be starting another hour earlier and will have even more spare sensors (they were already on order but not yet received; the one spare sensor we had was also NG).

Again, as last month, a big Thank You to JMP for loaning his TRG-42 to aspiring UR shooters.

Pics at http://www.unlimitedrange.org/gallery.html

Tentative event schedule for Q3'15 to be posted in the next few days.

5 May 2015 - Narrative from the NorCal 1 shoot (by SW RD, Lynn Dragoman)

Last Sunday (3 May 2015) URSA held its first NorCal match in the rugged terrain of the Mendocino National Forest. Most shooters shot prone with bipods and one shooter used a portable shooting bench. The Match was held at 2050 yards and after the match half of the shooters drove to the 2500 yard range and continued shooting.

The King Of 2050 Yards is Shaun Brady shooting a 300 Winchester Magnum he chambered up himself shooting 230 grain Berger bullets at 2850 fps. His rifle was well tuned and Shaun showed the rest of us just how it is done. He set the lights off 5 times out of ten shots and made it look easy. Congratulations Shaun you are the shooter to beat.

In second place was Pablo or Skeeter for those on Calguns who was shooting a 338 Lapua he chambered up a week before the match on a BAT repeater action. Pablo made two consecutive hits in practice and everyone thought he would do well. It was my first time meeting Skeeter and a nicer guy you couldn't find. Congratulation Skeeter.

In third place shooting Big Red was yours truly Lynn Jr. I shot poorly but managed to squeak into third place using my Dierks built 50 BMG on a single shot McMillan action.

We only had one shooter not hit the gong at 2000 yards but he missed it by less than a foot on six shots. He ran out of scope elevation so we put 8 pieces of Pepsi can under his base and got him within inches of the gong. I am positive he will be tough to beat once he gets his new base as he completely encircled the gong.

Shaun our match winner was using the smallest chambering and made 50% of his shots hit the gong. He was well prepared and was shooting a well tuned rifle. 50% hits at 2000 yards prone with a bipod has me wondering how we are going to beat him at our next match?

Shaun, you put on a clinic and I tip my hat to you. You are The King of 2050 Yards.

See a pic from the shoot in the Gallery.

28 Feb 2015: Major Rule Change; Acquisitions for SW Region

The Unlimited Range Shooters Association (URSA) has made a major rule change, there will no longer be the requirement that advancement through levels requires demonstration on multiple rifle systems. Associated changes and clean-ups have been made to the URSA "General Statement of Purpose", definitions (multiple), and FAQs (multiple) - see the "Operations" page on the URSA website, www.unlimitedrange.org.  Additionally:

1.  The rules have been amended to include prohibition of armor piercing and incendiary rounds.  

2.  The context of the rules, and scenarios, have been changed to assume that the vast majority of shooting will be done on steel.  

3.  Various clean-ups and clarifications have been made.

4.  Added a recommended sequence of operations (FAQ 13).

URSA is pleased to announce that six (6) "Interactive Remote Identification Systems"/ IRIS systems have been acquired from Roberts Tactical Precision (RTAC) and that six (6) 37" diameter x 3/8" thick AR500 gongs and associated structures are in fab for use by the Southwest Region (CA and NV).  It is expected that this hardware will be delivered, tested (2000 yards, 50 BMG, FMJ), and available for events by the end of March.

1 Jan 2015: Southwest RD Announced

The Unlimited Range Shooters Association (URSA) is very pleased to announce that Mr. Lynn Dragoman, Jr., has accepted the position of Regional Director for the Southwest (California and Nevada).  Lynn, who resides north of San Francisco, is a very accomplished shooter, in particular in 1000 yard benchrest.  Lynn's current target guns include those chambered in .338 SnipeTac and .50 BMG.  For those interested in event participation in CA and NV, especially in central and northern CA and western NV, Lynn can be reached at rd-southwest@unlimitedrange.org.

14 Nov 2014: Site Revision and Association Update

The site has been revised to split “The Details” page into an “Operations” page” and an “Organization” page.  A “Gallery” page has also been added and populated with pics from the May fun shoot in Virginia.  The organization is now better described as having at least two “phases” with an “initial” organization and a “POSSIBLE more-long-term” organization - in the process, the role of the RD has been amplified.

    ● “Regional Director” (RD) - those individuals committed to and accepting responsibility for:

        ►Leading the regional organization

   ►Making it happen in their region - including finding and obtaining access to venues; recruiting associates to act in range management and support functions; and obtaining required equipment, props and consumables

        ►Providing ongoing on-the-ground guidance and support

   ►Being the focal point for communications with the rest of the URSA infrastructure, with associates in their region, and with regional governmental and non-governmental third parties.

Association update.

     IMHO, we are not off to a particularly good start. After a very low turnout at the organizational meeting (in Vegas at SHOT 2014), we were only able to recruit three RDs.  We were, however, fortunate to piggy back on an event already planned in Virginia.  While the Virginia event went off well for the participants, it yielded no data to share with the community. Great pics and a nice narrative but no data. We had every expectation that there would be at least one additional event in VA during ‘14 but personal problems and extremely wet weather thoroughly messed that up. Our RD count has recently dropped from three to two and it is quite unlikely that we will have any other events until well into ‘15.  

    I have had discussions with BLM in California but that does not look likely to generate any “significant” activity until October of ‘15 (endangered species closures starting in April - until November - and an 180 day advance submission requirement for the required “permit”).  BLM also requires both event insurance and bonding. I will be researching the costs but suffice it to say, that was never part of the game plan.  I’d appreciate hearing from anyone that can point me at a broker for event insurance and bonding.  Please e-mail me at webmaster at unlimitedrange.org

     I have identified some excellent shooting venues in Cali and will visit them again when I head out for SHOT ‘15 in January.  I do, however, hope to pass the word regarding a non-BLM (read that, “informal”) “activity” in Q1 ‘15.  [I’m waiting on three rifle builds to have something to shoot in testing those venues.]  

    On the bright side, a very good and determined shooter/shooting activist is wrapping up some other obligations and is then quite likely to accept the RD slot for the Southwest Region (CA and NV).  I quite realistically expect that we WILL have “activities” in both Northern and Southern California in ‘15 to add to those in VA.

     RD recruitment is THE #1 challenge ahead - see RD def, above.  Getting people to shot is a non-issue, getting them to commit to work to make it happen is an entirely different matter - IME (in my experience).  

    Ashbury Precision Ordnance (APO) has quite recently come on board as a “Supporter”.  Their Pres, Morris Peterson, has also indicated an interest in using some of their extensive inventory of Vectronix VECTOR-class LRFs to help RDs range targets/target locations for Activities...and possibly providing a “group” purchase opportunity for associates.

    What’s a “Supporter”?

    ● “Supporters" are those associated business entities which support the advancement of this sport shooting discipline and substantially endorse the Association’s Objective, Focus, and General Statement of Purpose (see the URSA Operations page).  Businesses interested in becoming a Supporter are encouraged to provide their company logo for inclusion on the Supporters page.  Please contact webmaster at unlimitedrange.org .

    What’s an “Associate” (there are no members)?  

    ● "Associate" - interested parties that participate in or otherwise work to advance the Association

    Great shooting and please let me know if you are willing to step up as an RD.  E-mail me at webmaster at unlimitedrange.org.  Thanks for your consideration.

13 May 2014: URSA Virginia Fun Shoot Location Selected, Date SET!!!

See the Gallery for a pic of the venue for the first, semi-official, URSA "activity". Those foothills are at 4400 yards. Tentatively IBS 1000 yard benchrest targets will be placed at 2000, 2500, 3000, and 3500 - 37" outer ring, shots need to be on or inside the outer ring to count.

About 30 folks have indicated a strong interest in shooting and the "activity" will be capped at that - to avoid messing up the relationship with the local land owner.  Some shooters expect an 8 hour travel time.  Those who have contacted the Regional Director will be notified when the date is finalized.

We will post "results" on the URSA website - and the various forums - as they become available.

UPDATE (05142014 PM) - The date for this Fun Shoot is May 25th. Starting time is daylight. Claypool Hill, Va is about 15 minutes from where this will take place. Contact the RD if interested at rd-east@unlimitedrange.org. Serious shooters only!! He only has room for a few more shooters so contact him ASAP.


11 Mar 2014: Regional Director - Spain Announced

The Unlimited Range Shooters Association (URSA) is very pleased to announce that the association has now officially gone international.  Mr. Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta, world-recognized sniper training instructor from Madrid, Spain has generously agreed to be URSA Regional Director-Spain.  Eduardo's accomplishments include 2011 .50 BMG 1000 yard World Champion FCSA HCS and 2013  World Championship Semi-auto .50 BMG Match Winner.  He is also Certified Armorer Barrett/Steyr/SAAB/SIMRAD/GLOCK/FN.  Eduardo can be reached regarding URSA activities/events at rd-spain@unlimitedrange.org.  Watch the URSA Activity/Event Schedule page for more news.

14 Feb 2014: First-Year Structure and “Rules” Published

Following the review of the current Regional Directors and other committed parties, the URSA’s first-year statement of structure and “rules” have been published, see “The Details” page.

22 Jan 2014: Regional Director - South Central US Announced

Mr. Louis Corkern of CC Intnl has accepted responsibility as Regional Director - South Central US (RD-Scentral)

19 Jan 2014: Organizational Meeting Update

An organizational meeting was held on Tuesday, January 14, 2014 during the 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. Notwithstanding very high hopes for attendance by interested parties, only two small groups participated, a total of 5 people.  One of the groups was from Nevada and the other was from Virginia.  [I was hospitalized from the prior Saturday (due to a losing battle between car and pedestrian, me) and did not attend.]

Virginia’s Mr. Rob Vestal of Vestal’s Gunsmithing & Custom Rifles ran the meeting.  Rob subsequently agreed to act as URSA’s Regional Director - Eastern US (RD-East).  He has also agreed to do some reformatting of a previously-planned, Virginia-locale, unlimited range (UR) “fun shoot” into URSA’s introductory “demo” event (see Activity/Event Schedule page). The associated AccurateShooter.com forum thread is here.  The URSA “Concept” document (previously titled “About”) will be the structure for at least some substantial portion of the shoot. Achievement recognition points will be recorded.  Rob can be reached at rd-east@unlimitedrange.org.

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